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3 Fun Places To Enjoy A Weekend Beach Getaway In New Jersey

When looking for an easy getaway from New York City, Philadelphia or anywhere in between there are many options. Some of the easiest and quickest include Cape May, Atlantic City and Ocean City, New Jersey. While all of these locations are on the beach in New Jersey, that’s pretty much all that they have in common. Each location offers many different activities, as well as a very different atmosphere.

Cape May New Jersey

On the southern tip of New Jersey sits the beautiful town of Cape May. Cape May is a peaceful, relaxing town, with a historic atmosphere. Cape May New Jersey was a very popular seaside resort in the 1800s. During this time many people built unique and artistic cottages along the shore.

Over the years residents have taken a great deal of time and effort to maintain and restore these cottages. As a result, the Victorian style architecture of that time is still prevalent today and is a large part of many of the establishments and homes in the area.

Cape May New Jersey also has a very “small town” feel, which makes it very different from the other beach towns in the area. But, while Cape May New Jersey may maintain that small town feel, there is still plenty to do. Many lovely shops and over 40 different restaurants, plus of course all there is to do at the beach and on the ocean help make Cape May New Jersey an excellent east coast getaway!

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is known for gambling, amazingly huge hotels and of course, the infamous board walk. While Atlantic City has had some difficulty in the past, it has experienced a renaissance in the last few years and has become an excellent getaway again.

Atlantic City offers a unique combination of beaches, shopping, restaurants, and is one of the only areas in the east coast that has gambling on a scale comparable to that of Las Vegas. There is constant nightlife and always something new and exciting to experience. While a stark contrast to Cape May New Jersey, Atlantic City may be exactly the fun, high-energy getaway you are looking for.

Ocean City New Jersey

While Atlantic City offers an exciting, high energy vacation, and Cape May New Jersey can be a peaceful, relaxing getaway, visiting Ocean City falls about in the middle. There is night life and usually something going on at all hours in Ocean City. But, there are also quiet, “off the beaten path” areas of the town as well.

As far as things to do, Ocean City has a true boardwalk, complete with amusement rides, water parks, arcades, mini-golf and all the other attractions one would expect. And, don’t forget that special food that is a “must have” when walking along the boardwalk; caramel corn, cotton candy, salt water taffy, and of course, Boardwalk Fries! Or head out into the ocean on a charter, rent a boat for the entire family (or vacation group), or just lounge on the beach with a book. There are many options for fun in the sun during a getaway in Ocean City.