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How To Find A Good Lawyer In New Jersey

New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer

Investing in and managing nonresidential real estate properties can be difficult for even the most seasoned investor. There are many issues that can stop a deal in its tracks at the last minute and cause delays that cost you thousands of dollars and weeks of frustration. A New Jersey real estate lawyer can help you avoid these issues or to resolve them more quickly whenever you are building, purchasing, selling, or managing a property that is not a residential property. Knowing what kind of properties a nonresidential real estate lawyer deals with will help you decide when you need to hire an attorney.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a type of real estate that involves retail and/or office space. Retail properties are familiar to most people; they include strip malls, storefront businesses, and shopping malls. Retail space is leased to people who want to sell products or offer services and need a professional setting for their businesses. Office space is slightly different than retail space, although the two can be combined. Office space is where business professionals conduct their business transactions, hold meetings, and perform the bulk of their work. If you want to buy, sell, manager, or lease this type of space, hiring a New Jersey real estate lawyer can help you negotiate the best deal.

Industrial Real Estate

An industrial property is used to manufacture or store goods. There are a number of different types of buildings that can be used as industrial space, but some were designed specifically for manufacturing and warehousing purposes. Once these facilities are constructed, it may be difficult to convert them for commercial or residential use in the future. Some facilities are designed to be both manufacturing and office space properties where manufacturing companies can produce their products and house their employees. If you are in need of an industrial property for your business or you would like to rent or sell industrial property that you own, a New Jersey real estate lawyer can help you put together the best deal.

Hotels & Motels

Another popular type of nonresidential real estate is the hotel. Hotels vary widely in size and the number of conveniences offered to guests. The less expensive hotels may offer very little in the way of amenities and are best for short stays. More expensive hotels can offer conveniences including wireless internet, continental breakfast, room services, and spa services. The size of the hotel is often decided by how the hotel will be used and what the hotel company’s primary target market expects. Destination hotels such as those found in Las Vegas are usually much larger and more well-appointed than budget motels and inexpensive family hotels. A New Jersey real estate lawyer can represent you in the purchase or sale of a hotel property.

Recreational Real Estate

Recreational real estate is another type of nonresidential property that many people enjoy. Examples of recreational real estate include golf courses, sporting arenas, and country clubs. Recreational real estate is often mixed with other types of property to create a mixed use property. Examples of a mixed use property involving recreational real estate would be a golf course that includes a banquet hall on the premises. If you’re interested in buying or selling a recreational property, a New Jersey real estate lawyer can be a valuable source of advice.