New Jersey Vacation Ideas the Entire Family Will Love

A Wildwood, New Jersey vacation is the perfect opportunity for the entire family to forget life’s daily stresses and have some fun together. Wildwood NJ hotels give visitors several choices depending on their personal preference and budget. The area is also home to a wide variety of sights and activities to ensure there is something for everyone.

Wildwood NJ Hotels

Every New Jersey vacation should definitely include a stay in one of the fantastic Wildwood NJ hotels. The only problem is deciding which one to try. If the shopping and nightlife is of the most interest to you, several accommodations like The Esplanade Suites are in the heart of Wildwood putting you in the center of the action. If a New Jersey water park is on the itinerary, The Park Royal Hotel gives a fantastic view of the ocean and is only a short distance from the attractions. The rooms available in the area range from the beautiful Jolly Roger Motel, ideal for a family budget, to the luxury Pan American Hotel with rooms for families looking to spoil themselves.


No New Jersey vacation is complete without sampling a variety of local cuisine. Little Jumbo’s and other fast food restaurants and pizzerias make for a quick kid-friendly lunch during an afternoon of seeing the local sites. Many of the area’s restaurants can be requested to pack a picnic that can be eaten while watching the ocean waves. Seafood and fish are on the menu at fine dining and kid-friendly establishments such as Alonsi’s Bistro; perfect for a relaxing evening meal after an afternoon of touring.


There is no shortage of things to see and do in Wildwood, NJ. The ocean skyline is dotted with beautiful historic buildings. Some of these beautiful structures are interesting museums where visitors can walk through and experience what life was like in the area many years ago. One such museum, the Historic Cold Springs Village, is an entire collection of period buildings. The Silver Bullet should also be included on everyone’s New Jersey vacation to do list. It provides visitors with a sightseeing cruise from the deck of an 1850’s riverboat.

A walk along the boardwalk is wonderful activity for a New Jersey vacation. The best time to go is early in the morning or later on in the evening, just as the sun is setting or rising. The kids can run along the ocean waves collecting shells to take home as souvenirs. The adults can listen to the sounds of the ocean and watch the colors change in the sky. You can even take towels and swimsuits along to enjoy the water while you are there.

For the kids, a stop at Morey’s Piers, a New Jersey water park, is sure to keep the little kids as well as the big kids amused. There lots of water fun for all ages, wild rollercoaster rides, games to test your skill, and local eateries like Mama’s Kitchen and Curly’s Fries and Pizza located right in the beachfront park. This means that everyone in the family can do what he or she enjoys on a New Jersey vacation without having to leave the park.

A New Jersey vacation is the ideal location for a family vacation. Wildwood NJ hotels suit any budget while still providing spectacular views and all the comfort of homes. Vacation activities can include anything from a quiet walk along the beach to an afternoon of excitement at a New Jersey water park. No matter how old you are or what you enjoy, Wildwood NJ is sure to be a family favorite.

Ideas For Family Fun While on a New Jersey Vacation

If your family is in need of some much needed relaxation and family fun, a Wildwood, New Jersey vacation is the perfect choice. There are several Wildwood NJ hotels to match any price range or style. The area’s perfect blend of relaxing activities and exciting family fun is sure to put it at the top of your list of favorite vacation spots.


Wildwood NJ hotels make for a great start to a fun and exciting New Jersey vacation. The many different options available will make it hard to choose between them. Wildwood NJ hotels like The Esplanade Suites can be found close to the best shopping and nightlife locations in Wildwood while still giving visitors a fantastic view of the skyline. The Park Royal Hotel can be found right along the beach making it easy for guests to enjoy the ocean sunsets and wake up to the sounds of the ocean. Hotels and resorts that fit your budget can be found close to a New Jersey water park and other exciting area attractions. Luxury rooms from the Pan American Hotel are great for those wanting to splurge while the Jolly Roger Motel offers clean, fun rooms that fit smaller family budgets.

Wildwood Restaurants

Local restaurants and eateries to include in your New Jersey vacation plan highlight delicious local fare. Fast food restaurants such as Little Jumbo’s provide everything from Philly cheese steak sandwiches to hamburgers and fish sticks. These places are great for a break after a morning of sightseeing and attraction visits. If requested, many of the local restaurants will even pack a picnic that can be eaten on the sands of the beach or at one of the many picnic spots in the area. For a magnificent end to a busy day, taste seafood, fish, and other local specialties offered by many of Wildwood’s fine dining establishments such as Alonsi’s Bistro.

Sights And Attractions

There are no limits on the things to do in Wildwood while on a New Jersey vacation. The historic buildings in the area make tours of the area a must. The Historic Cold Springs Village is a collection of historic buildings just outside of Wildwood that are set up as a series of museums. Another historical adventure not to miss on your New Jersey vacation is the Silver Bullet, an 1850s riverboat that offers cruises of the area’s best sights.

The boardwalk is another activity that should be included on your New Jersey vacation. To get the best scenery, go out early in the morning to watch the sunrise or catch the sunset late in the evening. The children will love collecting shells from the water’s edge to keep as mementos of their trip. The adults can delight in the soft roar of the ocean while watching the kids play in the sand. If you would like to stay a little longer and enjoy the water, take swimsuits and towels along.

A day spent having fun at Morey’s Piers, a New Jersey water park, will definitely please both the kids and the parents. There are games of skill and chance, a mix of thrilling and family rides, as well as endless water fun for everyone. There are also several places to eat and rest in the beachfront park such as Mama’s Kitchen and Curly’s Fries and Pizza. This way, the entire family can do the things they would like on a New Jersey vacation without having to start the car.

For a fun and adventurous family holiday that everyone will love, try a New Jersey vacation. Wildwood NJ hotels have stunning views and clean, comfortable rooms regardless of the price. There are relaxing activities such as quiet walks or lying on the beach go perfectly with the days of excitement at the New Jersey water park. Whether you are young or old, Wildwood, NJ is guaranteed to please.

What Do New Jersey Hotels and Motels Have To Do To Ensure Guests’ Safety

Whether you travel for vacation or for work, most of the time, you will be staying over night at a hotel or motel. Your hotel room becomes your home for the length of your stay. Because the room is your “home” away from home, you want to feel safe and secure. So what does the hotel have to do to ensure safety?

Under New Jersey law, innkeepers are simply required to take reasonable steps to prevent accidents and injuries to persons who are lawfully on their property. This is the case in security or negligent security situations. Assaults, sexual assaults, robberies and other physical attacks may be caused by inadequate security, improper lighting or design of the building or other such inadequate conditions of the premises.

If criminal activity is foreseeable, the innkeeper must take reasonable steps to make its premises safe for guests to prevent injuries. If innkeepers do not do that, they can be responsible for injuries their guests sustain as a result of an assault by a third-party on the premises, and even in a guest room.

In a New Jersey case, a guest of a resort was sexually assaulted in her room by a former employee of the resort. On the evening of the attack, the former employee was seen on the premises by security guards. The resort knew that this former employee was bitter about being fired. The security guards tried to find the former employee but were unsuccessful. Furthermore, several weeks before the attack, two other disgruntled former employees broke into guest rooms to steal a number of things. In a situation like this the resort can be found responsible for the guest’s injuries from the sexual assault because the criminal activity was foreseeable. The Resort knew about the prior criminal activities because of disgruntled former employees. Grossman v. Club Med Sales, 273 N.J. Super. 42 (1994).

Another example of when hotels can be held responsible for injuries to their guests if a guest gets hurt as a result of a fight or brawl at the hotel. If the hotel or motel hears or knows of loud, violent activities on its premises, it has a duty to intervene. If a fight breaks out in the pool area and the hotel knows about it, it has to intervene either by stopping the fight or calling the police or both. The hotel cannot just sit back and do nothing. Nebel v. Avichal Enterprises, 704 F. Supp. 570 (1989).

With the above in mind, it’s not enough to rely on the hotel to ensure your safety. As the traveler, you must be security conscious and can ask the hotel some questions before you make your reservation:

1. Does the hotel have round-the-clock security personnel?
2. Does the hotel require guests to present a government issued photo ID when registering?
3. Does the hotel restrict access to guest-room floors to those staying there?

The more you know about the Hotel or Motel is one of the best ways you can ensure peace of mind.

Family-Friendly Fun in the Garden State

With its exciting history and endless entertainment opportunities, New Jersey is the perfect choice for a family vacation or a quick weekend getaway. And thanks to an array of family-friendly New Jersey hotels and attractions, you can relax and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

o Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari/Hurricane Harbor. Located in Jackson, New Jersey, this is THE place of fun. With its pulse-pounding roller coasters like Batman The Ride – where you’re whisked through Gotham City (with dangling feet) at top speeds – to Dare Devil Dive, which puts you in a 15-½ story freefall at speeds up to 60 mph. Of course, there are more gentle rides for kiddies and parents with weak stomachs. Wild Safari, which is also part of the park, lets you drive across 350-acres – home to over 1,200 animals. It’s the biggest drive-through safari outside of Africa. Don’t forget, 45-acre Hurricane Harbor is right next door and boasts a tropical them, a million-gallon wave pool, a massive adventure river and about 20 huge slides.
o NJ Adventure Aquarium. Get ready to immerse yourself in all things slimy at the Camden, NJ, aquarium. With plenty of cool, interactive exhibits you can get up-close and personal with the amazing sea creatures that call this place home. If you sign up for their special adventures, you could find yourself swimming with the sharks, training and feeding seals, or even going behind the scenes and hanging out with some of the aquarium’s most popular residents: the penguins. It’s all just a short drive from your New Jersey hotel.
o Insectropolis. At this self-described “Bugseum of New Jersey” in Toms River, a world of amazing creepy crawlers awaits. It’s all set within the architecture of a bug-themed city, and features thousands of exotic insects from all over the world. It’s interactive, as well. Kids can play bug games on touch-screen computers, crawl through the termite mud tube, check out the live ant nest, get up-close and personal with busy bees (safely, of course), and for the very brave, touching live tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes and hissing cockroaches is an option. Insectropolis has over a dozen exhibit areas that are fun and informative.
o Novins Planetarium. Also located in Toms River, the Robert J. Novins Planetarium has been bringing the world to people for 35 years. After its 2010 re-opening, the newly renovated planetarium dome will have a 3-D feature that takes visitors on a journey to the edge of the universe, under the sea, and even through the human body. The very cool fiber-optic star projector creates a beautiful night sky. Definitely a “must see” during your family-friendly getaway.
o Space Farms Zoo & Museum. Head for the wilderness and take a trip back in time, all in one day, at this 100-acre countryside attraction in Sussex, NJ. The zoo features more than 500 animals, 100 different species, and boasts the largest private collection of North American animals in their natural surroundings in the U.S. – but you’ll also find plenty of exotic creatures from around the world. Kids will love feeding the ducks, chickens and geese, not to mention the cool museum which houses 50,000 artifacts, including antique cars, motorcycles, farm equipment, antique firearms, early American tools, dolls, clocks, tractors, horse drawn sleighs, and Native American artifacts. Not something you see at most zoos!
o Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. It’s hard to miss this attraction in Lyndhurst, NJ – a massive 11th century Spanish castle nestled against the urban skyline. As you devour a four-course feast overlooking the grand ceremonial arena, you’ll be whisked away to another time when the authentic medieval jousting tournament gets underway. The knights’ displays of skill and athleticism and the special effects will amaze and delight both you and your kids.